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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Replacing Rollers on Sliding Glass Door

Anyone that has a sliding glass door knows how horrible it can be if the door stops sliding and you have to practically pry it open because the rollers are shot. Although you may believe that the door itself is broken it is simply the set of rollers on the bottom track that need to be replaced. Below I am going to show you the easiest way to replace the damaged rollers.

Tools Needed
1) Screwdriver
2) Needle Nose Pliers

Materials Needed
1) Replacement Rollers

The first step that you must do is remove the sliding glass door from the track by firmly holding on to each side of the slider and lifting the glass door up and sliding the bottom out of the track. I recommend you having someone help lifting the door out of the track because it is heavy. It is possible to use the suction grips to grab onto the glass but if you hold onto the actual track it makes it a little easier.

Next lay the slider on its side and remove the bottom frame by unscrewing the one screw on each side of the frame that holds the framing together. 

Now you have to carefully remove the actual frame by pulling it away from the slider.

Once you got to bottom frame out you can simply remove the roller from the frame and take to the roller with me to the local hardware store and match the damaged roller with the correct model. They make quite a bit of different types of rollers so you want to make sure that it matches exactly the one you have.

Once you have the correct roller simply repeat the above steps backwards and reinstall the new rollers and place you door back on the track. You just replaced your damaged rollers! Good luck ask me any questions you may have.


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